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Irish Wolfhounds

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1.  Do Wolfhounds enjoy the water?

In general, Irish Wolfhounds are not water dogs. Most do not even go into the water, and of those that do, only go into wading depths. However, there are a few that actually enjoy the water and swim. It is best if you can introduce a puppy to water as a youngster either via a beach, pond or even a wading pool.

2.  Are Wolfhounds good with children?

Irish Wolfhounds are very good with children. Very young children (under five) should never be left unsupervised with any dog. Older children who are comfortable with dogs would be fine in the company of a Wolfhound. It is recommended to get a puppy with children as then the children and puppy grow together. Children raised with a puppy are less likely to be overwhelmed with the giant size of an adult hound. Children should never be allowed to walk the dog in public to avoid the risk of being pulled into traffic or other dangerous situations.

3.  Do Wolfhounds get along with cats?

Since Irish Wolfhounds are part of the Sighthound group and were originally bred to hunt prey by sight, they are not always good with cats. Having said that, many live quite happily with cats. Some tips are to try and get a puppy or adult with low hunting drive (your breeder can advise on this). It is best to start with a puppy as then the cat trains the puppy as a youngster..

4.  How much grooming does a Wolfhound require?

Irish Wolfhounds require regular grooming but this can be done at home. Bathing twice a year, with weekly brushing will keep them looking neat. In between regular bathing, a rinse-less shampoo may be used.