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Welcome to Glenamadda

Glenamadda has been dedicated to breeding quality Irish Wolfhounds since 1983. My passion started in 1978 when I acquired my first Irish Wolfhound as a companion. I tried showing this first hound but soon realized I needed better stock, so I imported my foundation bitch from Ireland in 1980, and she produced the Glenamadda A-litter. And the rest is history!

Glenamadda is located in the Caledon Hills north of Toronto Ontario Canada. This idyllic setting on 18 country acres allows the hounds ample room to run and exercise. We strive to produce exceptional hounds for our own breeding program, but we also feel pride in sharing our best with other breeders around the world. Our kennel name appears on hounds located in multiple countries and on several continents where they carry on our legacy. Our hounds have won multiple Specialty shows on the North American Continent where they compete with some of the best hounds in the world. We attend as many Irish Wolfhound Specialty shows as we can as we feel that this is the crucible for the dedicated breeder.

The days of the large kennels, where numerous hounds could be kept for breeding purposes, have been replaced by "breeder groups" who work together to produce and maintain the number of hounds required for a successful breeding program. This way each breeder can maintain a manageable number of hounds as house companions. We are proud to share our breeding program with the respected kennels of Wolfholm, Rainvale, Kerry and Kellyscot.

Our breeding hounds are cleared with the CHIC registry (Canine Health Information Center) and all records can be viewed online. It is the Gold Standard for health checks at this present date. The goal for myself and my co-breeders is to improve longevity while producing a quality hound that fits the standard and where "Form meets Function".

I am a lifetime member of the Canadian Kennel Club and the Caledon Kennel Association, as well as a member of the Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada and the Irish Wolfhound Club of America.

Here at Glenamadda, we always welcome visitors. We host an annual Irish Wolfhound Funday in August; this brings together a large number of friends and fanciers of the breed for an afternoon of walks, great food and good conversation.

Susan Prokopenko